The Topsy Foundation Tinyiko Sewing Project

21 Jul

The Tinyiko Sewing Project was started in 2009 at the Topsy Sanctuary in Grootvlei. Building on the success of the “Shukushukuma” Beadwork project it was decided that there was ample opportunity to build another social enterprise within Topsy.

HIV and AIDS is a disease exacerbated by poverty. When people have skills, they are more likely to find or create work, which provides an income, and better enables households to deal with poverty.

Masterminded by Tina Craig of ilithuba, the Tinyiko Sewing Project is set apart from other social enterprises by the partnership between our Core Group (located in Grootvlei) and the Tinyiko Circle Banks (located within a 70km radius.)

The Tinyiko Circle Banks were formed to allow participants who could not attend Tinyiko daily to work independently and still partake in learning skills and earning an income. The purpose of the Patch Bank is to make and apply “circles” to products which are then returned to the Sewing Room for completion of marketable and saleable products.

In 2010 – to coincide with Topsy’s 10th birthday – the Tinyiko Sewing Project launched their “Circles for Life” Product Range. Combining the power of the circle as an object and symbolizing the circle of care offered to all patients by all staff members of the Topsy Foundation at the Sanctuary, we have been able to make many striking products.

We invite you to view our range of products email or call (011) 709 9699.  For more information on the Topsy Foundation visit


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