Artisan Profile: Meet Beatrice

30 Jun

Emile from Starling and Hero Bicycles has adopted Beatrice as his artisan. She makes their lovely bicycle baskets and he loves working with her.

“Meet Beatrice Moya she is the owner of (what we now have dubbed) Moya’s Murara. She loves the name. She says it’s hers.

They are the creators of our beautiful Murara Basket.

Beatrice is super friendly and very helpful. When we approached them about hand-woven bicycle baskets, she completely understood what we wanted. They made custom frames for us and each one is then woven by hand.
We at Starling & Hero are busy making a big sign with their newly acquired name, which they will add to their mobile stand.

Moya’s Murara also make and sell the following items:

– Cupboard: R900

– Dressing table: R700 (large) / R500 (small)

– Coffee table: R550

– Headboard & small side tables: R900

– Headboard & large side tables: R1100

They sell these items on the corner of Cassandra Avenue and Ascot on Vaal, Bedworth Park in Gauteng.

Please contact Beatrice on 073 041 7254 or Antony on 072 319 4810 if you are interested.

If you would like it delivered please contact Emile on 082 799 6906 and we will arrange.”

Thanks so much Emile!


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