Artisan Profile: Meet Robertson

29 Jun

Multimedia visual artist and designer Katty Vandenberge has been buying Robertson’s wire art for years. He sells his intricate beaded art pieces outside her local Spar and she’s decided to create a blog for his work. Read more about Roberston below.

“Robertson Yohane is the fourth born, and was born in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe in 1977. He attended Tangenhamo Primary School, and completed his O-levels at Zengesa High School in 1994. He then attended Wadjegora Art School in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe.

At the age of eighteen Robertson was forced to abandon his art studies when his mother relocated the family to South Africa in 1995. As a contract worker he was active in the local beer brewing industry, before moving on to data auditing at a food manufacturer. Robertson lost his mother, and two elder brothers by 2008, leaving him with the responsibility of supporting ten family members. He chose to pursue his love of art as a means of earning a living.

As a wire artist he is active in Pretoria, and has garnered the reputation of a fine wire artist. His work is unique and distinguished in form and crafting skill. Those familiar with his work seek him out, and Robertson is regularly contracted in to do work for embassies, shopping centre promotion campaigns, and events promotion companies.

If you wish to make use of his services, or you would like to commission an artwork, please feel free to contact him directly on his cell at 072 0295 612. Or, if you prefer, you can forward your requests via e-mail to, subject line: Wire Artwork Enquiry. Canned Culture [] in Brooklyn Mall also use him as a craft supplier, and commissioned him for their 2010 Easter Promotion campaign.”

Have a look at Robertson’s brand new BLOG!

Thank you Katty!


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