Artisan Profile: Meet Michael

21 Jun

Vicky Ross from Abby & Ross in Parkwood have adopted Michael as her artisan. His beautiful money boxes are available at her shop. The following is from her blog.

These handmade money boxes are so delightful and make for a lovely and unusual gift for a child or even for that friend or loved-one who’s saving up for a home.

If you look carefully you’ll see that they are made from broom bristles. Amazingly detailed and made by a local artisan, Michael.

I first came across Michael when my friend from down the road showed me the little house he had bought from him while walking down Jan Smuts. Soft-spoken and a little nervous Michael couldn’t believe that we had followed him up the road and that I wanted to buy more than one of his miniature houses for the shop. The first batch I bought were an immediate hit but unable to track him down on the number he gave me, I haven’t had any of his products in the store for a while.

Fortunately he popped in last week and I ordered a few of the simpler little house money boxes.

I was so happy when he brought them to me this morning and really hope they fly out of the shop so that I can order more and support his talent.

I think he would be a perfect candidate for the Adopt an Artisan campaign set up by Hanneke from Handsome Things don’t you?

He is open to different ideas and even asked me if I have a picture of my house so he can make a model of it.

What do you think? Can you think of something else you would like Michael to make? I would love to hear your feedback.

They’re in store now for R120 to R150.


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